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Fighting Injustice

If you read the scripture, it is clear that God is and has always been concerned about issues of social justice. Widows, orphans, immigrants, poor, imprisoned, sick, oppressed, and disenfranchised. He repeatedly exhorts us to speak for those who have no voice, defend those who are most vulnerable, and see the sanctity in every human life from conception to their God-appointed time of death. If we are to be His hands and feet on this earth, we are going to have to take up the cause of social justice.

Below are two of those causes that we are passionate about at Covenant Life. Please take time to consume the content concerning each of them. Educate yourself. Challenge yourself. Humble yourself. Together, we can lead the fight against injustice in our world and in doing so, reflect the heart of the Father.

Racial Injustice

There is no doubt that the command and expectation of Jesus is that His followers love each other. Everybody. All the time. Racial injustice is not congruent with following Jesus - neither perpetrating it nor remaining silent where it is occurring. 

Follow the link below for resources that will help you understand the issues that have come to the surface in our nation. Our hope is that these resources will help to launch informed and compassionate conversations between people of different races so that we can bring unity in the Body of Christ, and that in our unity, we can bring harmony and understanding to our communities.


Human Sex Trafficking

Around the world, and around the corner from where you live, there is an obscene, inhumane industry operating often in plain sight. From pornography, to strip clubs, to prostitution, to sex tourism, human beings of all ages and genders are being enslaved of indecent purposes against their will. 

In 2019, we launched The Jericho Project to focus our efforts at exposing and eradicating this injustice. We partnered with the House of Cherith in Atlanta to get ourselves educated and to form partnerships that will get us on the front lines of this holy war.

Please follow the link below to educate yourself to recognize the signs that someone is being trafficked. Then arm yourself with next steps about how God might be calling you to get involved.


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