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Racial Injustice Resources

Listed below are resources that will help educate and challenge you in the area of racial inequities in our nation. Some of them are not Christian in nature and may have language or content that is offensive to some. They will challenge, anger, push, and alter your perspectives and perhaps what you've believed to be facts. Do further research. It is an important issue. Take the time to find out the truth of what has happened, what is happening, and what God is calling YOU to do about it.

Holy Post - a YouTube video by VeggieTales creator Phil Vischer explaining some of the history that has lead to the overflow of anger and outrage in our nation.

Become the Bridge - A conversation between African-Amercian Pastor John Grey and white Pastor Steven Furtick.

Harriett - Released in theaters and now streaming and on DVD, it chronicles the life of the most famous of the Underground Railroad conductors, Harriett Tubman. It will challenge misconceptions about slavery in America, what abolitionists and slaves were up against, and what it took to defeat it.

Just Mercy - Another movie now streaming and on DVD, it tells the real life story of a young Harvard lawyer fighting to get innocent men, mostly African-Americans, released from prison.

Black Codes - Many people believe that slavery ended with the passage of the 13th Amendment. This informative article from the History Channel helps to shed light on the Black Codes and how they not only continued to enslave black men, but laid the foundation for distrust of law enforcement and the legal system in the black community. They gave way to Jim Crow laws and other forms of legal racial segregation.

Tuskegee Study - A mind-bogglingly cruel experiment disguised as research, carried out by the US Government from 1932-1972. Though there has been an apology issued by the President of the United States and reparations ordered by the justice system, it has only served to reinforce the belief in the black community that they cannot trust "the system". 

Letter from a Birmingham Jail - An incredibly eloquent defense of his tactics and motivations in standing against injustice, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. writes this letter while incarcerated for leading a protest in Alabama in 1963. It will challenge anyone who considers themselves to be Christians to remain silent and will lay a moral, ethical, and spiritual defense for their civil disobedience.

Conversations Create Change - A video from 2018 featuring African-American Pastor John Grey and white Pastor Rich Wilkerson, Jr. 

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