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Thank you for considering The Twelve.


This is a leadership development opportunity different than anything I have ever been a part of. I am not opening it up to volunteers. As a matter of fact, no one else will know about it. It is by invitation only. I have been praying about who I should invite for a number of months. I chose you because I see leadership in you. Some of you are serving in a leadership position already. Some of you aren't. Either way, I want to spend some time pouring into you what I've learned in 26 years of ministry and marriage, as well as my time in leadership at Carrollton City School System.

Here's the plan:

The 12 of you will meet for 12 consecutive monthly sessions. Each session will be 120 minutes and will consist of a book discussion, a profile of a biblical leader, and discussion of other valuable leadership material.I will be at your disposal and available for whatever questions you may have, limited only by time and confidentiality. 

I will be assisted by Pastor Robby Williams, an excellent leader with a passion to build other leaders in ministry. We will also be joined by Brian Keel, a member of our congregation who holds a master's degree in theology and is currently working on a master's in church leadership. He brings valuable insights from his years as an Army chaplain as well as his time as a chaplain in the federal prison system. He is well-studied and a minister of the gospel. Both of these men bring a wealth of knowledge and experience. Together, the three of us will have one goal - helping you become the best leader you can be.

Your Committment

By accepting the invitation, you are committing to:

Be there for each session.

Read the assigned books and listen to or read any other assigned materials. 

Pray for open ears and a humble heart.

Give your full and best participation.

This is completely voluntary. No one is forcing you to come. If you can't commit, there will be no hard feelings whatsoever. Thank you for your consideration. Please return the card with your response no later than Sunday, July 22nd. 

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