Marriage Resources

We believe in marriages at Covenant Life! Strong churches are built on strong families, and strong families are built on marriages. In addition to encouraging fellowship and discipleship through small groups, we also know how important it is for couples to learn together. We highly recommend the resources below to assist you in your journey towards happily ever after!

For sermons about marriage, search for messages from Jimmy Evans. You might also try these from Covenant Life Lead Pastor John Butler:

A Journey Through Marriage Series

For general resources on marriage:
RightNow Media:

Right Now Media is an online collection of teaching videos by Christian authors including both Francis Chan and Jimmy Evans on marriage, as well as many others.


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To help with the biblical perspective on sex, read this book: 

"Solomon on Sex" by Dr. Kurt Trucksess


To help with issues of trust and respect, read these books:
"The Language of Sex" by Gary Smalley and Ted Cunningham
"The DNA of Relationships" by Gary Smalley


To help with expressing love to your spouse, read these books:
"The Five Love Languages" by Gary Chapman
"The Love Dare" by Stephen and Alex Kendrick

Watch this movie:

"Fireproof" by Sherwood Pictures

To help with lust & pornography, read these books:
"Every Man's Battle" by Stephen Arteburn (also "Every Woman's Battle", "Every Young Man's Battle", and "Every Young Woman's Battle")

Check out this blog:

"Porn: A Victimless Crime?"


For Personality/Temperament Profiles, check out these assessments:

  • Four Temperaments

  • DiSC profile